SJ Exports proudly stands as one big family enriched with the heritage of hardwork and a legacy in luxury. Rising from modest beginnings to the peaks of success - this diamond company has a story worth telling...

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Company Profile

In the year 1992, with the strength of the new generation of 'Masters'
coming into business, SJ Exports was started with the intention of
manufacturing quality diamonds.
Today, backed by 20 years of experience, SJ Exports manufactures large-sized
GIA-certified diamonds for a global clientele.
The company prides itself in craftsmanship and quality of diamond polishing.
The stone is faceted with latest technology precision machines
combined with the expertise of skilled workmen.
The diamonds range from sizes 0.15ct to 10.00 ct certified by GIA/ IGI/HRD.
The SJ Exports team boasts of global reach that caters to all kinds
of requirements in qualities and quantity.
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Chairman's message

"I believe there are no shortcuts to success. And once you've attained it, the bigger challenge is to maintain it. SJ Exports achieved success and continues to reach new heights because of sheer perseverance backed by years of experience. We pride ourselves with our efficiency and client relationships. It is only the happy client that becomes a loyal client.

Each SJ Exports diamond boasts of fine workmanship that combines traditional skills with modern technology to deliver the very best.

We have a constant commitment to growth; and remain forever grateful to each client of ours who has brought us here today. It is their faith that encourages us to build our future in this dazzling industry.

With every SJ diamond we send out our best wishes."


SJ Exports works with a heart of a diamond - possessing the greatest strength yet works hard to earn the sparkle.

The company finds its strength within its family and works together with a single focus of delivering the best quality diamonds and enriching their clientele with personalized relationship management.


"Mastering expansion with perfection"


The founder-father of our business, Jayantilal Shah who was fondly called 'Master' by family and friends, started a partnership firm with his friends Golawala and Bhansali under the name R. Jayantilal & Co. 40 years ago.

The company's small diamond manufacturing unit in Panchratna (Mumbai) was the first of its kind in India. Business flourished and soon they earned the coveted position of 'Site Holder' of DTC rough diamonds.

Master's judgement in procuring rough diamonds was impeccable. It is this skill that he became known for in the diamond market. So much that DTC would often invite him to study rough diamonds at their London headquarters. And even with his limited knowledge of the English language, Master managed the task well!

This partnership went a long way; and with the new generation joining strengths, it only seemed appropriate to start a new firm with the young blood. Thus SJ Exports was established with its head office in Mumbai and the manufacturing unit in Surat.

Master Jayantilal's eldest and youngest sons - Sanjay and Sunil managed the manufacturing of small sized diamonds.

Over the years Sunil ventured into construction business as Sanjay continued the family business of diamond manufacturing large diamonds. Today the SJ Export family caters to global demands of certified large diamonds.


Although we are called 'Masters', we humbly owe our success to our Master

  • Shri Mahavir Bhagwan
  • Shri Param Krupaludev
  • Shri Sadgurudev

By the grace of our Guru, we have reached where we are right now. It is because of Jayantilal Master's faith in Jainism. We thus follow the principals of Shri Param Krupaludev, with the able guidance of Pujya Shri Rakeshbhai Jhaveri.


The Master's factory is within a walking distance from the Diamond Market in Surat. Having a 4-storied building to itself, it is a well established manufacturing unit for diamonds with all the manpower, equipment and expertise to make the "Master" diamond. A quick walk through our factory will display traditional skill, modern technology, experience, knowledge, craftsmanship and impeccable planning to deliver that perfect diamond.

Business Ethics

• Compliance with & supporting the RJC Code of Practices.

• Compliance with all applicable legal & other requirements.

• Preventing giving or receiving bribes or facilitation payments.

• Not indulging in money laundering or terrorist financing.

• Reporting any suspicious transactions to the Authorities.

• Compliance with the Kimberly Process & WDC System of Warranties.

• Not dealing in conflict diamonds.

• Ensuring correct disclosures for the diamonds during sale.

• Upholding human rights and the rights of children.

• Not employing children & ensuring no forced labour.

• Providing equal opportunity to all employees without discrimination.

• Providing a healthy & safe work environment to all employees.

• Ensuring that the working hours are in line with legal requirements.

• Ensuring that at least minimum wages are paid to all employees.

• Protecting the environment through reducing, reusing, recycling.


"It makes difference to pact with "SJ Exports". Your caliber is simply perfect for the services you provide. I am confident of you and your company aptitude. Be sure that there will be more. "

- Vladimir Tuceacov - PEPITA COM, Moldova.

" Working with S.J.Exports has turned out to be profitable for us over the year We wish to continue long term business with them & maintain strong relations which is the base of their business architecture. "

- Chirag - Shwet Gems, Hong Kong.

Diamond Standards

  • Cut
    • Grading

      on the 4C's



      the placement and number of facets on the stone


      a diampond its brilliance and sparkle

  • Clarity
    • Grading

      on the 4C's



      have some implerfections, known as 'inclusions'


      how clear the diamond is to the naked eye and under a magnifying glass

  • Color
    • Grading

      on the 4C's



      yellow, brown, orange, pink, blue, green, purple, or nearly colorless


      the less color there is the more valuable the diamond

  • Carat
    • Grading

      on the 4C's



      a diamond's weight


      of a diamond goes up exponenentially with the carat weight

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